Enough is EnoughSay No to Internet Sales Tax!

  • Don't tax our freedom.
  • Don't tax our hard work.
  • Don't tax our spirit of innovation.

The so-called “Marketplace Fairness Act” would force small retailers to act as tax collectors for 45 states, U.S. territories, and tribal organizations, which hits American consumers and homegrown businesses where it hurts the most –in the wallet. Enough is enough.

Here are 6 reasons to say no to Internet sales tax:

Reason 1

Internet sales tax policy gives more power to the government and big box retailers while weakening small businesses and consumers

Big businesses can already negotiate lower cost of goods, better shipping rates, and even massive tax breaks from state governments. They can also afford an army of lawyers and accountants to handle the sales tax collection, remittance, and compliance burdens.

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Reason 2

Internet Sales Tax is Too Complicated for Homegrown Businesses to Manage with Limited Time & Resources

With nearly 9,600 state and local sales tax jurisdictions, collecting and remitting is challenging enough, not to mention the threat of audits and the lengthy legal process involved.

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Reason 3

Internet Sales Tax Burdens Small Business Owners with Out-of-State Audits

What happens if you’re a business owner in Louisiana who is being audited by the state of California? All of a sudden, you’re held hostage by another state’s laws and authorities that challenge your sales tax remittance history. Is it reasonable for the government to expect you to fly to California and settle the dispute in court? You have a business to run!

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Reason 4

Internet Sales Tax Discourages Business Growth

The need to comply with 9,600 tax codes and the threat of audits from 45 states, U.S. territories, and tribal organizations is enough to send small e-tailers running for the hills. They might decide to stop growing in order to stay below the one million dollar exemption, which deprives communities of good jobs and robs business owners of their dreams.

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Reason 5

Online Retailers Don’t Benefit from the Taxes They Pay

When a small e-tailer in Nebraska is forced to pay sales tax to New York state, he does so without receiving any of the benefits that his tax helps provide: schools, police, roads, etc.

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Reason 6

Taxed & Re-taxed & Re-taxed...

Many of the goods sold online are secondhand, which means they’ve already been taxed once. Should the government be allowed to tax these goods a second time? What about a third? Where does it stop?

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We list 6 above, but really there are thousands of reasons to say no to Internet sales tax: every American small business owner is a reason. These hard-working men and women create jobs and fuel our economy, and they deserve a fair shake. Stand up for American values – contact your legislators today and tell them to say no to Internet sales tax!

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